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Blatant plug for new ‘Modern Toss’ book

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An old mate of mine, Mick Bunnage, is one half of the team behind Modern Toss. That would probably be enough for me to give their new book, Work, a plug.

Modern Toss work book

However, it’s also bladder-loosening funny, and definitely NSFW (as much due to the seditious message as the language, though that’s pretty fruity, and all the better for that). Go on, treat yourself (buy from Modern Toss shop, or if you’re feeling poor/mean from Amazon).

If you’ve not heard of Modern Toss yet, check it out at ModernToss.com, get the comic, buy the DVD of the brilliant first series, and look out for the second series on Channel 4 in the new year.


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November 10, 2007 at 5:50 pm

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